AEW Full Gear 2021

On November 13th 2021, All Elite Wrestling aired their 4th annual PPV “Full Gear”. Full Gear was a highly anticipated event amongst professional wrestling fans and was a major success.

The most anticipated match on the card was the World Championship match between Kenny Omega and Adam Page, the main event. These two are former AEW World Tag Team Champions but disbanded the team after losing the titles in 2020, not on good terms might I add. The pair would face each other in the finals of the world title eliminator tournament at Full Gear 2020 where the winner would face the then world champion Jon Moxley. Kenny Omega defeated his former tag team partner to ensure he faced Moxley for the richest prize in professional wrestling, at the themed Dynamite show “Winter Is Coming”. The match received great praise from fans and a rematch was absolutely expected at some point. The two were set to face each other at All Out 2021, another of AEW’s four annual PPV’s.

While everyone deemed it Hangman’s time to become champion, the highly anticipated match between these two world class athletes would not go ahead due to Adam Page taking paternity leave, Kenny went on to successfully defend the title against Christian Cage at All Out with an avalanche One Winged Angel that literally had the crowd on their feet. Page would return with a bang however, when he was the joker in the casino ladder match and ended up winning the match to get another shot at the title he had craved for over two years, and the foe he had craved for one.

With the world behind Page to fulfil his destiny and become AEW World Champion, he warned former allies The Young Bucks not to interfere in his match or he would “ruin” them. The Bucks would in fact walk down to the ring near the end of the match, and Matt Jackson was seen giving Adam Page a nod, indicating that he wanted Page to hit the Buckshot Lariat and end the Cleaner’s lengthy World title reign. Page did just that and finally fulfilled his destiny, becoming the 4th AEW World Champion in the company’s history.

Page’s heartfelt success story wasn’t the only highlight of the night, to open the show we saw Darby Allin took on MJF in a fantastic bout that ended with MJF picking up the win in despicable fashion as usual, when he knocked Darby out with his Dynamite Diamond Ring, which he has won for two years in a row. That will hardly signal the end of this rivalry but nonetheless it amazed fans as they even chanted during it “fight forever”.

We saw the AEW World Tag Team Championships defended in another brilliant match by The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix) against FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) where The Lucha Bros would retain. As well as that, we saw the AEW Women’s World Championship defended by Britt Baker against Tay Conti. Britt successfully retained in an outstanding match and continues her dominant reign.

Ciaran Monaghan – TY Press

Ciaran Monaghan


TY Students Visit Bray Head

On Wednesday the 24th of November around twenty TY students went on a trip to Bray with Ms McHugh and Ms Kirwan. The group gathered at school at half 9, then once everyone had arrived they got seated on the bus and set off. 

When we got there we walked along Bray Head, a cliff along the edge of the  Irish Sea. Some of us noticed people swimming in the ocean even though it was freezing outside. It was steep at some points and it was difficult to climb. 

There were beautiful views, the entire group could see the sea, mountains and the train tracks, we even saw a seal climbing onto the rocks below us. Next we took turns to skip stones, but it didn’t really work because most of the rocks were too big and round. After this, the group walked back down the hill and were allowed to split up and go and get something to eat before we left on the bus to go home. We arrived back at the school at half two.

Kayla Desmond, Ammar Syed Shah and Oisin McGee – TY Press


CPCC Aims to Achieve Travel Flag

Collinstown Park Community College are currently working on their fourth Green School’s Flag, leading the campaign to secure said flag is Ms O’Connell. While speaking to her, we learned that the school will be applying for the fourth flag in March 2022 and will hopefully have the flag by May 2022. It isn’t as easy as just applying for the flag, the school had to meet a series of criteria to even apply. In order to bring this and all of the other flags home to CPCC, the school had to have an action week to spread awareness about the environment and the true mission of Green Schools. 

As well as an action week, the school has had to show a huge change in day to day life. Cutting back on water and electricity usage was a big one on the staff’s part. While the students were encouraged to find different methods of arriving to school. Travelling by vehicle is discouraged and it is preferred that students walk or cycle to school if at all possible as this lessens the pollution in the air. 

CPCC drew up a travel survey showing the difference between commuters from 2019 to 2021. The increase in walking was 10% of commuters, while those who travelled by car went down 8%. Those who travelled by bus also went down by 2%. This is a great turnaround in just two years (which included two lengthy lockdowns where Green Schools members couldn’t keep people aware or encourage them to also make a change).

Some students live too far to walk but also want to do their part, so they cycle. With only a limited number of spots outside the school to safely secure your bike, Ms O’Connell stated that the school is in fact working on getting a new bike rack put into the school which would surely increase the amount of students cycling rather than driving. 

Getting their message across to all students is extremely important to Green School’s members and they have done great work in making an impact on the community and the planet! 

Ciaran Monaghan and Sean Savage – TY Press


5th Year Student of The Month October

Every month all the teachers for a select year decide who should get student of the month by having a vote, every teacher gets one vote for student of the month and the student that improved the most in LCA (leaving cert applied) and in LC (Leaving Cert).

This month in 5th year there were four winners.

5th year Leaving Cert Applied 

  • Most Improved – Jodie McDonnell
  • Student of the month – Lennox Donnan
Lennox Donnan

5th year Leaving cert

  • Most Improved – Cameron Farrell
  • Student of the month – Holly Dooley
Holly Dooley

Cameron Farrell


TY Art Trip to North Clondalkin Library

On the 18th of November, 4th year arts & crafts students were invited to North Clondalkin Library to view their artwork that they had been working on for the past 10 weeks. It was displayed there along with the artwork of St. Kevin’s and Moyle Park. Our school had made beautiful art pieces called ‘Zines’, which is short for magazine. These were mini booklets that had been designed to the students’ taste, based on a topic like sports, music and lots of other creative ideas.

Upon arrival, the students and Ms Kirwan was greeted by staff that worked at the library. They then made their way to the ‘back garden’, as it is called at the library, which is just an outdoor sitting area. There were pastries, tea, coffee and juice for them to enjoy. After around ten minutes, they were invited back inside to the conference room to listen to a speech from the Clondalkin mayor Peter Kavanagh. After he made his speech, the students were then allowed to look at all the amazing art work they have made, including the other school’s art works. Ms Kirwan took lovely photos of the students.

During the 10 weeks of doing the art work, they had a stapler that was used through all their hard work, which they were jokingly given as a goodbye present by the amazing artist who came in and joined in with this fun activity. The 4th year students and Ms.Kirwan had an amazing time and loved to see all the amazing artwork.

Millie Byrne and Tracey Ijezie – TY Press


CPCC Student Leadership

Collinstown Park are please to present the new class Captains for Junior Cycle students. These students will represent their tutor classes and they were voted by their peers. They have a very important role in Collinstown Park and will ensure all duties are carried out in their classes.

This year we have also introduced Form Captains. The Form Captain will represent their Year group and liaise closely with the relevant Yearhead.

These roles are so important for the students in Collinstown Park. Here in CPCC we promote leadership capacity among our students. They have been given a great honour and I know the students will take their roles very seriously.

Well done to all our students.

Ms Matthews

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