Important Information for Leaving Certificate Candidates 2022

Dear Candidate,

The 2022 Leaving Certificate results are due for release to candidates through the Candidate Self-Service Portal at 10 am on Friday 2 September.  You are aware that the date for the issue of the results this year is later than would be the case in a normal year; there were a number of reasons for this. There was a deferred sitting of the Leaving Certificate examinations in July for students unable to sit examinations in the main sitting in June due to serious accident, injury or illness; close family bereavement, or Covid-19.  With increased numbers of candidates, there was a requirement for increased numbers of examiners and this was challenging this year.  A further significant factor is that in announcing the arrangements for the 2022 Leaving Certificate examinations, a commitment was  given by Government that the outcomes will, on aggregate, be no lower than the outcomes in 2021.  This work is currently underway and giving effect to this commitment requires time for detailed analysis of the marking outcomes, implementation of any adjustment, and quality assurance.

We are contacting you at this time to update you on a number of key dates that will be important to you in the coming weeks as they relate to the viewing of scripts and the appeals processes.  You should take note of these important dates as the timelines will all be strictly applied.

Leaving Certificate 2022: Key Results, Viewing and Appeal Dates

Servicein SchoolCandidate Self Service Portal (CSSP)
Leaving Certificate Results 10 AM Friday 2 September10 AM Friday 2 September
Access to Data –Candidates will see their marks including for each component. .  12 PM Tuesday 6 September
Application to View Scripts LC Online Application available onlyOpens: 5 PM, Tuesday 6 SeptemberCloses: 8 PM Wednesday 7 September The LCA application to view scripts will be via email .  The same timeline will apply 
Viewing of Scripts  * there are some exceptions which will be detailed in the Candidate Information Guide to Results & AppealsScripts in subjects which were Marked Manually –Candidates assigned to one of three sessions on Saturday 10 September 1. Session 1.  9 AM – 11 AM2. Session 2. 12 PM – 2 PM3. Session 3. 3 PM – 5 PM Scripts in subjects Marked Online* Online access to view between 9 am Saturday 10 September and 12 pm on Sunday 11 September.
Application to Appeal Opens: 9 AM Saturday 10 SeptemberCloses: 12 PM Monday 12 September
Appeals ResultsSchools Portal- Date to be confirmedCSSP – Date to be confirmed.

The timelines this year for candidates to apply to view scripts and to lodge their appeal applications are very short and the deadlines will be strictly applied.  This is essential to ensure that the remaining stages of the appeal process can be completed as quickly as possible.  The SEC will not accept late applications.  Until such time as the number of appeals is known, it is not possible to commit to a specific timeframe for the issue of the appeal results.  Every effort will be made to process appeals as quickly as possible. Candidates will be notified of this date as soon as possible. 

The State Examinations Commission (SEC) is committed to providing clear and timely information to candidates about the examinations.  You will receive a detailed Candidate Information Guide to Results & Appeals which will be emailed to all candidates and published on the SEC’s website in advance of the issue of results on Friday, 2 September.  Detailed subject by subject information will be provided in the Candidate Information Guide to your Results by Subject which will be published on on Monday 5 September to facilitate those who intend to access their marks including their individual component marks. 

You will find information about the services provided by the SEC on our website. If you need to contact us, the email address for candidate enquiries is  and our phone number is 090-6442702.  At the time of the issue of the results a Candidate Helpline will be available. Details of this will be provided to you.  

Yours faithfully

Richard Dolan

Director of Operations

State Examinations Commission



The school re-opens during the week beginning Monday 29th August as follows :-

Monday, 29 August  8.45 – 9.45  Sixth Years & Third Years 
Tuesday, 30 August  8.45 – 9.45  First Years 
Tuesday 30 August  9.00 – 10.00  Fourth Years 
Wednesday, 31 August  8.45 – 9.45  Fifth Years & Second Years 


6th Year Graduation Night

On Friday evening the CPCC class of 2022 had a graduation ceremony in the sports hall. The event was attended by members of the students families and their teachers.

Principal Ms Duffy
Year Head Ms Connolly

Aoife O’Connor began the evening with a beautiful violin solo as the class entered the hall. Speeches from principal Ms Duffy and Year Head Ms Connolly were preceded by the awarding of certificates.

Aoife O’Connor

Awards which were kindly sponsored by Tower and Rowlagh Credit Unions were awarded to the following students.

Male student of the year: Karolis Pocius

Karolis Pocius

Female student of the year: Sandra Ijezie

Sandra Ijezie

LCA male student of the year: Culann Doyle Farrell

Culann Doyle Farrell

LCA female student of the year: Kaci Joyce

Kaci Joyce

School ambassador: Jamie Behan

Jamie Behan

Emma Nangle then spoke to the gathered crowd about her and her classmates experience in Collinstown. There were laughs and tears and everything else in between.

Emma Nangle

Alicia White, Amber Lilly Maher and Aoife O’Connor ended the night with a fabulous version of ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’.

Alisha White & Amber Lillie Maher

Congratulations to all the students who graduated from Collinstown Park in 2022 and best of luck in the Leaving Cert.


Third Year Ecology Experiments

On Wednesday the 18th of May the three third year classes carried out science experiments for their ecology course. They collected data on the different species of plants and insects that live/grow on our school grounds. They used a key to identify them.

The ecology experiment will count towards the students final grade for their final exam in June. Thanks to Ms Mulholland for the pictures and information.

Kayla Desmond – TY Press

Kayla Desmond