1S Oral Communication English Project

As part of the English course in first year, the class of 1S read the book The Outsiders by S.E Hinton. After we had finished reading it, our English teacher Mr. Dowling assigned a project based on the book. As part of the project we got into groups of two and three and then had to give a presentation based on a topic connected to the book.

The options we had to choose from were:  1) S.E Hinton, 2) Greasers, 3) Tulsa Oklahoma, 4) America in the 1960s and 5) The Outsiders.

We had a week to research the topic we chose using the school’s iPads. We also went to the computer room to print pictures and type up the information that was gathered. We had the choice of giving a PowerPoint presentation or by using a poster.

After we had finished preparing all the groups presented their project to the class. The posters were then placed on the wall of the English classroom.

It was a very enjoyable project and we got to improve our research, writing and speaking skills.


By Katelyn Hillary and Aoife O’Connor – 1S