Transition Year – Future Learning A Great Success

Friday brought an end to the week long Future Learning module for Transition Year students in Townsend Street, Dublin.


Sixteen students from Collinstown Park spent the week in College House with twenty one students from IES Cristóbal de Monroy Secondary School in Sevilla. The week involved a cultural exchange between the Irish and Spanish students. They got to know about each other’s countries and what school is like. The Collinstown students also got a chance to develop their IT, editing and videography skills.


The week concluded with the students taking part in a vox pop with people along Grafton Street discussing Irish myths and legends. Their interviews were then edited and short professional films were produced.


Most importantly of all, the students had a fantastic time and made lots of new friends. They have kept in contact with each other via social media and there are even talks of trips to Sevilla over the Summer!


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