TY Press Round Up

Welcome to Collinstown Park Community College’s first Transition Year press round up. Every two weeks students from the TY Press class will report on goings on in and around CPCC. We would like to thank all the students and teachers who allowed us to report on the following events.

Junior Cert Results Day

On the 14th of September all Transition Year students were given their Junior Cert results. Everyone was called up to the assembly hall and given their results one by one. Each student was brought outside once they collected their results. A crowd of students were outside the school opening up their results and showing off how well they did to their friends and to their teachers.

Some people left once they opened their results but some stayed and got their pictures taken for the school website. Transition Year students didn’t have to come in for the second half of the day as they were allowed off so they could celebrate how well they did.

-Luke Nolan




Ploughing Championships

Last week on the 19th of September 2017 the Collinstown Park Community College Horticulture class went on a day trip to the Ploughing Championship in Screggan, Tullamore, Co Offaly.

The trip was full of little and big stalls selling their products. After speaking to a few  Transition Year students, the majority of them enjoyed walking around looking at all the stalls the most. Also, by the look on Ms Kinsella’s face you could tell she had a great day. She also added: “It was so brilliant, I am going to bring my husband and son next year.”

The day was full of excitement with people from all over Ireland coming to take part in the competition. There were easily over 100,000 people at the event.

-Jamie Whelan, Evan Whelan and Josh McDonagh.





On Wednesday the 20th of September 2017, the Transition Year students were called to the school hall. The reason for this was a drama module that only a select few students from each school get to participate in. For the first 40 minutes, Veronica from the organisation (Tenderfoot) gave an introduction speech. She explained all of the key aspects of the programme and why it was such a fun module to do while in TY. Veronica outlined all of the jobs that the students could take part in such as stage management, lighting and sound, costume design, script writing and acting. It was a very interesting talk and I stayed for the second part, along with Chloe Kerr and Rebecca Byrne.

At the end of Veronica’s introductory speech, we were introduced to David who worked as an actor at Tenderfoot. David went on to explain that this was a very prestigious opportunity and how it would be a lot of fun to participate in the module. For the second forty minutes we played a team building game, where David performed an action and we repeated it. Everyone was quite shy and not very enthusiastic at the start, but as time went on everyone started to enjoy it more and more until it was a group of 15-16 year-old students all having a great time performing a bit of drama.

At the end only a handful of students were picked to participate in the module. 48-50 students from many different schools are allowed to take part altogether and you have to fill out an application form. Some of the students who were chosen for Tenderfoot included Grace Doyle (McCormack), Lee McDonagh, Chloe O’ Flaherty and myself.

I’m very excited to take part of the programme and I can’t wait until it starts in early January.

-Nicole Grey




U2 Music Generation

The U2-backed Music Generation registration took place last week, Thursday the 21st of September.  U2 Music Generation offers very competitive prices and helps young people from ages 4-18  receive music education in areas such as guitar, singing, violin, piano and many more exciting aspects of music. The turnout for the registration was quite good and we hope the participants enjoy this course!

-Josh McDermott