Green Schools Water Forum

Reporter: Craig Morgan of Transition Year

Green Schools Water Forum

On the 18th October myself, Ms O’Connell, Kevin Dunne, Kirsty O’Toole and Wiktoria Manika went to Stratford College, Rathgar to attend a meeting about the Green Schools Water Forum.

We were there with four other school groups and the students of Stratford College. We learned about many things including water usage, water audits and leak tests.

Ways to conserve water usage

  • Only boil as much water as is needed
  • Apply hippo bags to all toilets
  • Turn off all taps after use
  • Make posters about saving water
  • Put notices above all water taps and fountains
  • Inform all students about how to conserve water
  • Fix all leaks in the school
  • Put up posters all around the community about conserving water
  • Install water-saving taps in toilets and urinals
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • School build (sensor urinals, smaller cisterns or dual flush)

Virtual Water

The amount of water embedded in food or other products needed for its production.

  1. Cup of coffee = 140 litres of water.
  2. 1kg of beef = 16,000 litres of water.
  3. 1kg of rice = 3,000 litres of water.

Water Experiments

We also blew up two balloons and filled one with water. We put a lighter under them. The balloon with water didn’t burst but the balloon filled with just air popped nearly straight away.

We did many water experiments including tasting different types of water even though they all looked the same. We put cans of soft drinks like Coke, Diet Coke, 7Up Free and Fanta into a bucket of water and guessed if they would float on the top or sink to the bottom.

 3rd Year of Green Schools Ambassador Programme

  • The programme is free, will focus on the water theme and is open to all years and Green Schools that are on or have completed the water theme.
    • Training days will be held nationwide in November 2017
    • Support sessions will be held at the beginning of March 2018
    • School Visit
  • Participating second level students will attend a one-day workshop that will include:
  • Speakers in the field of engineering
  • Talks from Green-Schools and Clean Coasts programmes
  • Water-related activities
  • Field trip to wastewater or water treatment plant