Norwegian Visitors

Collinstown Park Community College Further Education Department welcome teachers from Norway

DDLETB has undertaken a European partnership project as part of the Erasmus+ Programme. The project known as EUCOPP (European Communities of Professional Practice) aims to build communities of professional practice for teachers within DDLETB and at a European level. The focus of the project is on the Healthcare and Childcare vocational areas.  EUCOPP is a two-year project during which teachers from Estonia and Norway will visit Ireland to spend time job shadowing our teachers.  Over the course of the next two years teachers from Collinstown Park Community College will travel to Trondheim in Norway and Haapsalu in Estonia to learn about vocational education in these countries and observe teaching methodologies and practice.

On the 13th of November a group of seven teachers and managers nov 17 3from two Vocational Colleges in Trondheim, Norway came to Dublin for a three-day job shadowing visit.  The two colleges are Kristen videregående skole Trøndelag (KVT) and Orkdal Vidaregåande Skole.  The teachers attended an introductory session in DDLETB Head Office, followed by a visit to Trinity College.

On Thursday 16th three of the Norwegian teachers came on a visit to Collinstown Park Community College where they observed classes and met with students.nov 17 2CPCC students enjoyed learning about the Norwegian education system and the structure of Health Care and Child care services in Norway.

Teachers in CPCC also reported that they have benefited on a personal and professional level as a result of working with both the Norwegian partners and their own colleagues in DDLETB.nov 17 1