Student of the Month

Student of the Month awards were presented today for October and November. As part of the awards, Ms Kay O’Connor from Inspiring the Future Ireland talked to the students and gave them six inspiring thoughts to keep them on track with their future careers.

The winners were as follows:

Student of the Month for October 2017

1st Year           Cayla Hollywood and Courtney Whelan McManus

2nd Year          Alicia White and Kaci Joyce

3rd Year           Jake O’Rourke and Hannah Corcoran

TY                       To be announced

5th Year LC     Adrianna Wojcik

5th Year LCA   Sophie Guinan

6th Year LC      Carla Lynch

6th Year LCA    Shauna Brady

Student of the month for November 2017

1st Year           Holly Dooley and  Katelyn Walsh

2nd Year          Karolis Pocius and Aaron Haverty

3rd Year          Rokas Galinauskas and Abby Brennan

TY                      To be announced

5th Year LC     Jessica Smith

5th Year LCA   Jason McCarthy

6th Year LC       Anita Ikharo

6th Year LCA       Gavin O’Reilly