Microsoft Excellence Awards Ceremony

May 9th 2018: following the announcement of the Microsoft Awards we held an awards ceremony in the school this evening for the first winners.  Over one hundred and forty students reached the standards set for the first Microsoft Datacentres Excellence Award.  They were presented with their certificates and a voucher.  Ten of these students won a special prize for their contribution on the subject of citizenship. All students also won a day out in Tayto Park.

It was a great evening; Cathal Murphy and Jonathan Haverty of the Microsoft Datacentre spoke about the possibilities for the students, emphasising the key qualities and skills needed for the workplace.

Principal Ms Duffy also congratulated the winners of the Academic Awards and Student of the Month Awards who were also present on the evening.

Winners of the top awards for Excellence were:

First Year Courtney Whelan McManus Cian Somers
Second Year Sophie Smith Katelyn Hillary
Third Year Amy Emmett Lucas Church
Fourth Year Luke Murphy Wiktoria Manicka
Fifth Year Nadine Church Lee Barrett

A full list of the winners will be available below the photos.