Graduation Evening 2018

On Friday 25th May 2018 Collinstown Park formally marked the graduation of the class of 2018.  In a ceremony in the school Sports Hall the graduates were presented to their parents and teachers and received their Graduation Certificates.

The Annual Student of the Year awards were presented; Gavin O’Reilly and Michaela Higgins were the LCA winners.  At LC, the nominees were Craig Keogh, Josh McGeown, Bartosz Suwala, Aaron Sweeney and Corneille Tembe (Male) and Chloe Bailey, Sarah Dunne, Megan Fogarty, Anita Ikharo, Shannon Murphy, and Jasmine O’Brien (Female).  The winners were: Anita Ikharo and Bartosz Suwala.

The School Ambassador nominees were: Tegan Dunne, Niamh Dunphy, Michaela Higgins, James Leeson, Lauryn McCarthy Purcell and Christopher McMahon.  The winner was: Tegan Dunne.

The evening was hosted by Stella Nkanu, Chairperson of the Student Council.  Megan Fogarty delivered an Address on behalf of the students. Gifts were presented to the tutors, year head and the school on behalf of the class of 2018.

Ms McNamee, the Year Head, finished the evening with a speech reminding the students of their six years in the school and wishing them, on behalf of the school, every success and happiness in the future.