Basketball Goals For The Year

Last year the U16s boys’ team were the most successful team in Collinstown Park history. This year most of the team has progressed to the U19s team, however the attitude of the group has not changed. The team’s goal this year is to succeed in making it past the semi-finals and hopefully take home the cup.

So far both teams have started off strong even though the U16s have lost their first game but the U19s have started off as good as they could have, with a 56-18 win over King’s Hospital.

The U19s have improved a large amount from last season with all their players improving in skill, endurance and technical ability. Their key to winning this season is to be able to move the ball up and down the court as fast as possible and to also trust each other on the ball to score points.

The U16s, however, are a new team who haven’t had a lot of experience with playing as a team and playing in matches. They are very determined to win and succeed. They try hard in training to improve their abilities in the game.

Overall, both teams have the ability to do very well this season and maybe even win the cup. The teams are made up of:

U16 Team

Cian Norman, Josh Collins, TJ Bambrick, Eoighan Barry, Jonathan Peppard, Onesime Tembe, Kyria Tembe, Nathan Brogan, Liam Bailey and Emmanuel Bonkole.

 U19 Team

Dylan Downey, Harvey Killeen, Conor Nolan, Jamie Smith Oliver, Cian Smith, Rokas Galinauskas, Anthony Emmett, Kyria Tembe and Eoighan Barry.

Rokas Galinauskas and Conor Nolan (TY Press)