TY Students Visit National Gallery And National Museum

On the 5th of November Transition Year students visited the National Gallery of Ireland and the National Museum of Ireland. Students came to school at the normal time, we left on the bus at around half nine excited for the day ahead!

First on the agenda was the National Gallery. Once we arrived at the Gallery’s lobby, a tour guide came and began giving us a tour of the gallery. She brought us to the courtyard where we were shown a sculpture and a massive painting on one of the walls of the courtyard. Next we saw Caravaggio’s most famous painting, ‘The Taking of Christ’, she told us the history of the painting and of Caravaggio himself. We were then shown a few more paintings and a sculpture in the gallery. We learned a lot about the history of some art pieces in the gallery.

The National Museum of Ireland is located only a short walk from the Gallery. Inside there are two floors for visitors to explore. This time we were not accompanied by a tour guide, we were free to explore on our own. We split into two groups, one stayed downstairs while the other went upstairs. We saw different types of sea creatures, birds, insects and large mammals. Everyone was surprised at how large and realistic looking some of the animals are. We even saw a massive basking shark and the evolution of the human skeleton!

After we were finished looking around the museum we had some free time to get food. Most people went to the food court in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. We had a lot of time to spend looking around Grafton Street and in the Centre. Students and teachers all met up at around two o clock to get the bus home. Everyone was tired from our fun day out!

If anyone is interested in going to the National Gallery of Art or the National Museum of Ireland, entry is free to both places and they promise an interesting day out.

Hannah Ingram (TY Press)