All Ireland Basketball Tournament, Clonmel

School Under 19s Basketball All Ireland tournament Trip

Team Sheet: Dylan Downey,  Kyria Tembe,  Jamie-Smith Oliver, Harvey Killeen, Cian Smith, Rokas Galinauskas, Eoighan Barry, Anthony Emmett.

The boys left for their games on Saturday 19th January. They had a long bus journey from Dublin to Tipperary. Once they got there they would arrive at the hotel Clonmel Park hotel. The boys would spend the night there and leave for their matches on the Sunday.

The first game was at 11am vs CTI Clonmel. The game started slowly for the boys – being down by 6 going into the second quarter. The second quarter was much better as they built up a lead with baskets from Anthony Emmett and Harvey Killeen. The boys held the lead in the third quarter with a good team performance and great ball movement. Clonmel started to make a comeback in the fourth but the boys held on to their lead with some big free throws from Jamie-Smith Oliver. Harvey Killeen led the boys with 35 points.

Final Score: CTI Clonmel 47 – 53 Collinstown Park Community College.

Their second game was against OCC Nobber

Yet another slow start to the game from Collinstown while Nobber picked off early baskets due to the boys being tired. In the second quarter the boys made a comeback with a one-man show by Kyria Tembe picking up baskets and grabbing rebounds on the defensive end. In the third quarter Nobber built up yet another lead and were not looking to let go of it. Once the fourth quarter started the boys made a comeback – tying the lead with some great passing by Dylan Downey. Unfortunately, Nobber picked off some late fast-break points allowing them win the game.

Final Score: OCC Nobber 56 – 48 Collinstown Park Community College.