Transition Years Visit The Zoo

On the 6th of March TY students went to Dublin Zoo. We got the bus at 9:30 and got there at 10:00. We were allowed look around the zoo on our own until 11:15 and then we had to go to the centre where we were given different tasks to do.

The tasks we were given were about the environment and recycling. The girl who was talking to us was called Fiona, she was really nice. She gave us packages and we had to find different symbols such as RSPO. She gave us out envelops with pictures in them that we had to arrange from the worst to best for the environment. Some of the pictures we got were of deforestation, cows, plastic bottles, camping and pollution. She also gave us pictures that we had to arrange showing the process that our phones go through in order to get to our hands. We all enjoyed this talk and the activities and learning about the effects we have on the world.

After that we were given a tour around the zoo. She told us about the orangutans and their habitat. She told us that when they show their teeth that means that they are afraid or are about to be aggressive. To keep their habitat the same as it would be in the wild they make the orangutans solve puzzles to get their food, this helps to keep their physical and mental health up.

Next we were allowed go for food in the Meerkat restaurant where we could buy food or eat the packed lunch if  brought. While you were eating you could watch the meerkats. We left the zoo at 2:00 and arrived home on the bus at 2:30. All round, the TY students thought this experience was very good and educational.