The Iceberg Club

The Iceberg Club is our newest club here in Collinstown Park Community College. Unsure as to whether it would take off, we asked for students who were interested in joining a club where they gave back to their communities. We were amazed with the response. Many students wanted to take part; however, due to clashes with other lunch clubs, not all students were available to take part on a Monday. In saying that we did have 11 students who showed up ready to give back. We remained nameless for the first week and last week after a long debate it was given the name The Iceberg Club. Where did the name come from? Well these students feel that there is more to them than what you see, hence the iceberg analogy!iceberg[1]

What a fantastic group of young people, First Years standing up and contributing positively to society, we couldn’t be more proud of you. For the group’s first event they wanted to impact their school community and they introduced the “You’ve Been Mugged” initiative whereby they nominated a teacher who has gone above and beyond to help their students. The teacher is presented with a mug filled with goodies so they can relax with a cuppa and enjoy their treats. The teacher pays it forward and nominates a fellow teacher to ‘be mugged’. Well done to the following members of the Iceberg Club, we think you’re amazing young people: Taylor Behan Jones, Sophie Boyce, Karen[1]Codie Brennan, Millie Byrne, Kayla Desmond, Sarah Halpin, Charlie O’Brien, Jodi Purcell, Danielle Ryan, Naomi Tshilos, Adam Whelan.

Well done also to our first teacher to be mugged, Ms Scully.

Ms Matthews and Ms McNamee