Irish Wheelchair Association Charity Tournament

On the 5th of March, Collinstown Park Transition Year students participated in a charity wheelchair basketball tournament. They trained for weeks over break and even over class time. Taking home a trophy was the only thing on their minds. Their movement, communication and teamwork improved significantly over this time. The tournament was put in place to raise awareness for the Irish Wheelchair Association. Collinstown Park Community College single-handedly raised over €1000 for charity.

The tournament took place in Gormanstown College, Co. Meath. Upon arrival, everyone was nervous to see whether or not the other teams had trained. The entire team also had never used a wheelchair designed for sports up until this point.

Each team had to play four matches to have a chance at qualifying for the semi-finals. The rules were quite similar to normal basketball rules so those who already played basketball had an advantage over those who didn’t. Of course, it would never be easy. At any given time, two girls had to be playing on each team and most importantly, you couldn’t use your legs at all.

Collinstown’s first match ended well with them winning 8-2, but unfortunately, their second match was a different story. In their second match, they were completely outplayed, which ended with them losing 9-8 after an accidental foul was called. After that performance, Collinstown decided that they needed to change the way they played and after a short break they had decided on their plan of action. There was a day and night difference between the next match and the match beforehand. Collinstown had a great performance and ended up winning the match. This was much needed for them as their confidence went up. Going into the fourth match, they used this confidence to completely dominate their opponents. They ended up winning 22-0, which luckily, qualified them for the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Collinstown’s first match in the semi-finals started off slow and in the end, their communication fell apart. They lost 11-9. Although they were knocked out, they would never forget the experience. I applaud the effort they put into trying to win for not only themselves but for the school.

Kyria Tembe, Anthony Emmett, Rokas Galinauskas, Hannah Corcoran, Mckayla Costigan, Billy Walsh, Nathalia Dunne, Abbey Brennan, Dylan Downey, Amy Emmett, Jamie Courtney, Adam Tiernan, Victory Luke, Amie Russell, Emmanuel Bankole, Alex Seery, Conor Nolan and Eoighan Barry.

MVP: Kyria Tembe


Rokas Galinauskas : TY Press