Transition Year Students Visit The Dáil

On Tuesday, April 2nd, the Transition Year Politics class, Mr Nea and Ms Mohan went to Dublin City Centre to visit the Dáil. The students left the school at 10am they reached their destination at 10:45am with 45 minutes to spare until It was time to go to the Dáil. So, to pass the time students and teachers walked to Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre for some food and snacks. It was a beautiful day outside for a walk and the trip to and from the Dail was very enjoyable. The students and teachers were even lucky enough to meet the Mayor of Dublin, Niall Ring.

After the Dáil we made our way up to Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre to have lunch. It was agreed to meet up at College Green to be collected and brought home.

The trip to the Dáil was a great insight into Ireland’s government and parliamentary rules. We learned the history of the Dáil and what led up to its establishment. We were walked through an upper level were the portraits of past Taoisigh were hung, and learned about some of the great leaders such as John Lemass – who shifted Ireland’s economic sources from agriculture and industrialised it. We learned lots from our tour guide, and also from Mr. Nea our Politics teacher.

The first Dáil convened from 1919 to 1921. It was established because the British Parliament gave permission for some MPs in Ireland to receive seats in the British Parliament. The Sinn Féin party won in Ireland but they refused to take their seats. Instead they set up the first Dáil in The Mansion House. The Mansion House is now home to the Lord Mayor of Dublin.

Alicia Loftus, Jessica Dunne, Victory Luke and Mckayla Costigan – TY Press