Phoenix Park Cycling Tour

On the 3rd of March, a group of TY students rented out bikes and cycled around the Phoenix Park to go sightseeing. We left for the Phoenix Park at 9am and got there at 9.20. When we reached the Phoenix Park we were all given a Hi-Vis jacket, a helmet and our bike.

After that, when everyone was ready, we took off on our cycle. Our first destination was the Wellington Monument, which was not that far of a cycle. Ms Scully was our tour guide for the day, so when we got to the monument she told us some very interesting facts like how it was built to commemorate the first Duke of Wellington Arthur Wellesley.

Our next destination was The Papal Cross, which was quite a long cycle. The Papal Cross is located on a large hill which has stairs up the side so you can visit the cross. Unfortunately we did not get to go up to the cross as there was construction going on. Ms Scully then told us facts about the Papal Cross as well, it was built to commemorate Pope John Paul II’s visit to Ireland in 1979.

Our third and final destination was the Ashtown Castle and Demesne. The cycle to get there was by far the hardest because it was raining and very winding making it difficult to cycle. When we got there, it was worth it because the castle and gardens were beautiful. Everyone loved this place the most because there was a restaurant and benches and the rain had stopped so we could all just sit down for a short while.

Finally, we cycled our bikes back to the bike rental, gave our bikes back and got the bus home at two. Overall, I think everyone found the cycle very good and a more pleasant day out than first anticipated.

Keith Carass- TY Press