Fourth Year Accounting Students Visit Microsoft Datacentre And 1 Microsoft Place

On Thursday the 28th of March four Transition Year students got the privilege of visiting the Microsoft Datacentre in Grange Castle and also their impressive building in Sandyford.

From February this year our Fourth Year Accounting class had been availing of a fantastic programme from Junior Achievement Ireland. Students had different sessions about financing their future. This was delivered by Justin Trehy who is the Due Diligence Project Manager in Microsoft Datacentre at Grange Castle. Justin did a fantastic job teaching the class how important it is to stay in school and plan for their futures. We were very grateful for all the hard work that Justin put into each class and for helping us understand the importance of planning for their financial future.

As a reward for their hard work and involvement in the programme Justin arranged for four students to visit the Datacentre in Grange Castle and also the Microsoft offices in Sandyford. Students got a first-hand experience of the type of security that is in place in Grange Castle and the type of work that they do there. We were then whisked away to Sandyford where we got to see the other side of Microsoft filled with 2,000 employees working hard. We also got to see how much Microsoft look after the well being of their staff with an onsite hair dressers and nail salon! We were then given a tour by a Microsoft Intern who explained what she did and how she came to work in Microsoft

Students walked away from this visit knowing what hard work and dedication can get them!

I would love to work in Microsoft as it’s nice to see that for all the hard work the employees put in, I know that they are treated very well. I am sure there are a lot of jobs in Dublin and in America where the other big Microsoft place is.                Jodie O’Reily

Overall I thought the trip was really good because it was something that not a lot of people know about and it was interesting to learn about. In the future I’d love to work there.                          Emily Conway

Justin showed us some machines that can be found in ships and we were all surprised when he told us the price of them; there were 15 and all together they were worth 15 million euro. After the tour we met with some workers in Microsoft and they told us how they got where they are today. For example, one girl got to Microsoft even though in her early life she had no interest in IT; she actually was a beauty therapist before she came to Microsoft.

Ben Palmer

We got to meet three employees from Microsoft. Their stories of how they came to work in Microsoft were very interesting. They all came from different backgrounds and had different qualifications.                             Emmanuel Bankole