My Thoughts On Transition Year – McKayla Costigan

Transition Year is a big change compared to my three previous years at Collinstown Park Community College. Firstly, it is the first year you get to wear the wine uniform as a senior and we get to go on plenty more trips than in our first three years.

First, Second and Third Year were very intense with the workload we had for our Junior Cert, this was compounded by CBAs. Transition Year is more about the experience and getting to socialise more with other students and teachers.

I can definitely say since I have been in Transition Year I have built a stronger bond with my friends and my teachers. We get more of a chance to do this in TY because of all the exciting trips and the teachers are more easy-going this year because there is no big exam or no preparing for a big exam.

There are two blocks in Transition Year. When it comes to work experience and trips, I am in block two. Block two went on all their trips before Christmas and their work experience started in January. Block one is the other way around, and are currently going on their trips now. For the trips, we go every Wednesday to places like The Laughter Lounge, The National Museum of Ireland, VUE Cinema, The Ploughing Championships, Paintballing and other fun and interesting places.

In Transition Year we also get the chance to take part in charity events. For example, on the 5th of March some of Collinstown Park TY students took part in a wheelchair basketball match for The Irish Wheelchair Association. These experiences would not be possible if it was not for Transition Year. That we get to do events like this for such a good cause makes it better.

At the moment, I am on my eleventh week of work experience. I am doing it at Gill & Co. Publishing, some people may also know it as Gill & MacMillan. I am working in the accounting and finance department and I love it. I have learned so many new things and met so many new people who are all so kind. Some days I get work to bring home with me. I find it very interesting to see what things are really like in the working industry as I have always been curious about it.

From the 25th March to the 29th March I was chosen to do a week’s work experience with the famous newspaper company, ‘The Echo’. I was excited to experience what it is like to work with a newspaper company and what it is like to be a journalist, because it is a career I have a real interest in.

These are the reasons why I love Transition Year. I have the opportunity to sample a wide range of activities and new experiences. It definitely helps you decide what subjects you would like to do for LC/LCA and it can certainly help you decide what you would like to have as a career in the future. Many people told me before I came into Transition Year that it is “a gap year” or that it is “not hard work”, but so far I have really enjoyed it and my friends have too. To use an old cliché, you get out of Transition Year what you put into it.

Transition Year is, so far, my favourite year since I have been in Collinstown Park Community College.


McKayla Costigan – TY Press