Collinstown Poetry Slam Is A Great Success

On Tuesday the 7th of May CPCC hosted our first ever ‘Poetry Slam’. CPCC’s writer in residence Colm Keegan and Librarian Ms Ford organised and advertised the slam in the weeks leading up to the event. There was a great turnout from students, teachers and even former students.

Standing up in front of your peers to talk takes quite a lot of courage. Standing up to talk about your thoughts, emotions and feelings through your poetry takes even more courage. Well done to the twelve students who took part and performed admirably on the day.

As is the way with every poetry slam, there are prizes for the winners. This does not take away from all those who took part and contributed significantly to the event. The winners were decided by the content, delivery and structure of their poetry.

Well done to Emma Nangle, Katelyn Hillary and Victory Luke who emerged victorious on the day. Thanks to Ms Ford and Colm Keegan for organising the event and finally thanks to all in attendance who made the event the success it was. Lets hope that this is the start of further poetry slams that highlight the creative ability and brilliance of our students in CPCC.