Tayto Park Trip

On the 13th of May, a group of students from Collinstown Park who won the Microsoft award for excellence were rewarded with a trip to Tayto Park.

We left school at around 9 am on the bus. It wasn’t a long drive until we arrived. Once at the gates everyone got a hand stamp so we could get on the rides. In the park, we were told where we would meet up and at what time. Everyone went off on their own in their own groups to go on the rides. First, we went to the airplanes and then we went on some of the smaller rides. We went on the Viking Voyage ride twice and we all got completely soaked; we had to stand in the dryer for ten minutes and it was such a hot day out. After this  a couple of us went on the Cú Chulainn.

There were food stands around the park where we got something to eat before going on a couple more of the smaller rides. Everyone met up at the entrance at around half three and we all got on the bus home. It was a great end of the year trip to have.

Hannah Ingram and Ciara Delaney – TY Press