Are You Motivated?

We have been back in school for about three weeks now, and I already sense all the stress everyone is feeling. I think at the beginning of every school year, we are still shaking off the cobwebs and with that comes shaking off the laziness too! To do this we have to have a little thing called motivation. This can be particularly hard to find after coming from a long and relaxing summer to suddenly finding yourself busy with the excitement of the school year.

So, I did a little research on what motivation is and how it helps us not only in school but in general life.

What is motivation?

Well according to Google motivation is “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way”. Motivation is the fuel we need to complete a task, or to finish a project, or to run a mile. It’s a type of energy we feel. If we make a goal, our drive to complete that goal is motivation. However, sometimes our drive or motivation is not there, sometimes we just are not bothered to do some things. Why is that? Is it out of laziness or are we just not in the mood to do most things? This is a lack of motivation and I think at this time of the year people are feeling it. I certainly am, I just want to watch movies and eat chips but I also want to complete my goals. I sometimes feel like I am a bit of a walking contradiction!


This is why we need motivation, it is a skill, and it gives every person in this world a purpose. It gives us a purpose to be what we want, to be who we want to be. Without motivation, we would all be walking zombies staring at our phones.

So how do I get motivation, do I buy it off a shady merchant or can I watch a YouTube video and receive it through the USB port, how do I get this magical dust of motivation?


Well, it starts with you, here are my five tips:

  • Believe in yourself and be committed to your goals and dreams, “you will never always be motivated, so you must be disciplined”.
  • Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and allow slip-ups and “bad days”. Take a small step every day.
  • Make your motivation; be good to yourself and others. Be proud, “nothing can bring you peace but yourself”.
  • Take advice from people you care about and who care for you. There are motivational speeches on YouTube or you could listen to “Positive Vibes Only” on Spotify.
  • You sew what you reap in life. If you give out motivation, you will receive motivation.


Motivation is not something that appears in the night. You have to work for it. You have to believe in yourself enough to complete your goals, to be able to stand up and say you are awesome because of the goals you have completed. You do not need anyone to bring you down and stop you from having the self-belief and confidence you deserve to feel.

You make your motivation by doing what you love. Put your finger to the man and say, “I got motivation on my side and no one is going to stand in my way”.

Emma Nangle – TY Press