TY Trip to Girley Bog

On the 25th September, the TYs went bog-walking/diving to ‘Girley Bog’ in Scurlockstown, Co Meath . We left the school at 9.20 and we arrived there at about 10.30. The walk to the bog was so long, not to mention that the ground was uneven and uphill. It was full of hard stones. It took us about an hour and a half to get there. When we arrived we had to take off our shoes to get in the bog. It wasn’t deep at first but as you started to walk further in it got much deeper. 


Poor Pamela O’ Mahoney got her ankle stuck in the bog and her shoes split in half but luckily Rhianna Higgins came to the rescue and got her out. However later on Rhianna got stuck waist-deep in the bog and Emma Nangle had to come and rescue her. It was like a game of superheroes – if one person gets stuck another comes to rescue – but then the ‘superhero’ gets stuck and another person saves them.


After everybody got changed, we had to walk for another hour and a half back to the bus. Fortunately for Ms Kirwan and Ms Rooney they saw a car but I don’t know if they drove their way back to the bus. However, we all made it safely on the bus and for lunch, we went to… Supermac’s! Ewww I know it’s not our number one but we all had to eat something. After we all stuffed ourselves with chips, wraps, chicken, burgers and desserts we headed onto the bus. After a long journey home, we arrived home safely at 15.40.


Sandra Ijezie – TY Press


Sandra Ijezie - TY Press
Sandra Ijezie – TY Press