An Introduction to Esports

A Rough Introduction to ESports

With Esports filling out more and more stadiums around the world in recent years, it has become more important to have some understanding of it. Esports is a very broad term, as it encompasses many different games and prize pools.

Where can you watch Esports?

The most common place to watch Esports is Some games like CS:GO and Overwatch allow you to stream that game’s Esports league from the game though these will still be on Twitch.

The Games

I suppose the only place to start is the most-watched genre of Esports, the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), with the most popular games in the genre being League of Legends and Dota 2. In a MOBA, two teams of five go up against each other and try to destroy the other team’s Nexus/Tower (big and strong building in each base).

This gives the genre a highly social and competitive nature due to teamwork being necessary to win in most cases. Both League of Legends and Dota:2 are very similar with players usually playing due to personal preference in terms of the user interface or the character roster.

The next most popular genre is the first person shooter (FPS), with the most popular games in the genre being Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Overwatch. There is a lot of variation between FPS games when it comes to the objective of the game.

In CS:GO two teams of five play against each other where one team are the terrorists and the other team are counter-terrorists (T and CT for short). The terrorists’ goal is to take the bomb to one of two bomb sites on the map and plant it, while the counter-terrorists try to stop them.

In Overwatch two teams of five play against each other to complete a certain objective, like holding down a part of the map or pushing a payload to the other side of the map/stopping it.

The main difference between Overwatch and CS:GO is that in Overwatch the players have to pick from a cast of heroes while in CS:GO the players have a buy phase at the start of each round, where they pick their weapons until they have to buy them again after they die.

Many other games have an Esports scene but I will only mention one other genre: Battle Royale. I am mentioning Battle Royale because of its rising popularity in the Esports scene over the last two years. The biggest game in this genre is the gaming phenomenon, Fortnite. In a Battle Royale game, around 100 players are dropped into the map, where they have to collect equipment and take each other out while the map gets smaller and smaller until one player is standing.

There are other games with a large Esports scene but they are not as popular as most other Esports titles. These include games such as Rocket League and Hearthstone, which have a healthy Esports scene but don’t reach the most-watched games of the year.

That should be all you need to know to start watching Esports.

Karolis Pocius – TY Press