TY Trip to Garda Operations in Westmanstown

On the 10th October, 15 TYs were chosen to go to the Garda Open Day in Westmanstown. We left at 10:05 am and arrived there at about 10:40 am meaning the journey wasn’t long. When we arrived the Gardaí started their talk which continued for an hour and a half. One of the curious things about the talk was when they showed us a clip of guard dogs attacking people. When the talk was over, we got to look outside where there were horses and Garda vehicles. Rhianna, Pamela and I got to pet the horses. We went at about 1:00 pm but then Ms Kirwan surprised us and took us all to … McDonalds. She bought us all a meal – how nice is she? That made my day better! We arrived home at 2:30 pm. The day was a success.

Sandra Ijezie – TY Press