Transition Years Kayak in Dún Laoghaire

On Wednesday the 2nd of October, the TY group went on a trip to Dún Laoghaire Harbour. All students who went on this trip where to meet up at the school at 8:20am. From the school, the students had a short bus ride (only 36 mins).

After arriving at the sailing school (Irish National Sailing and Powerboat School) the TY students had a brief safety demonstration before being brought out to the kayaks.

We were brought out to a man-made island where we got our kayaks and were set out on the water.

The weather was nice as predicted. It always warms up before a storm. A few students capsized from the get-go. Jamie Bui was the most unfortunate as he tipped and lost his glasses. We shall pray they drift ashore soon. From the island, we went around the harbour. There was an inflated obstacle course (sadly we didn’t get to go on it), and we also saw Conor McGreggor’s boat, the Prestige 750. On our lap around the harbour, we were lucky enough to see a seal.

While on the kayaking trip the TY students had to do a lap around the harbour down in Dún Laoghaire and after the lap got the option to race to the platoon. Afterwards, we got to swim in the cold but enjoyable water, everyone enjoyed their time there. After swimming around for a while the TY students got on three different boats and were brought back to the harbour school building. After getting changed the students got back on the bus for the 36-minute drive home and were dropped off at Liffey Valley for lunch/dinner and then allowed to do as they please.

Overall it was a good day with lots of fun and we have Ms Kirwin to thank for this trip and our future trips.

Ryan Adair and Craig Murray – TY Press.