Engineers Deliver STEM Talk to Students

On Thursday 28th of November, Fifth and Sixth Year students attended an informative session on career paths and opportunities in the STEM sector. Junior Achievement Volunteers Katie and Lauren from PM Group shared their journey to becoming Engineers. The volunteers outlined the vast employment opportunities in this sector. Students were put to task by designing a structure made of spaghetti and marshmallows. Students needed to design, construct, give a financial analysis and present their spaghetti structure under the guidance of their project managers: David Crilly, Luke Geraghty, Amy Emmett and Dean Kelly.

Fifth Year students Luke Geraghty, Eoighan Mountaine Barry, Dylan Downey, Eric Mc Mahon, Kyria Tembe and Davin Fagan won the task with their structure of 60cm in height and cost of €30,000, which was under budget!

Well done to all.

Ms Jones