Sixth Year Students Complete Geographical Investigation in Glendalough

On Friday 29th November, 18 Leaving Certificate Geography students went to Glendalough with Ms McVeigh and Mr Cassidy in order to complete their river study as part of their geographical investigation. Braving cold conditions, some students got into the river to compare and contrast two sections of the river; one was a canalised section, while the other was a natural section. Students used a number of instruments and methodologies to work out the river’s velocity, discharge and cross sectional area while also analysing the river’s bedload. Students will use this information to write up the results of their study.
The remaining Leaving Certificate Geography students will undertake their investigation in Glendalough on 8th January 2020.
Thanks to Mr Cassidy for the information, the write-up and organising the trip. It must be said that he also has some exceptional photography skills as you will see from looking at the beautiful photograph of the lake.