Collinstown students now know how to vote

In a  great democratic exercise Collinstown students participated fully in the CPCC Mock Election 2020.  With the guidance of their  teachers, they moved from awareness raising of issues, reminders of how the PR voting system works to canvassing, posters, stickers, lollipops and early morning reminders.  No student could have been unaware that there was going to be an election.

This Monday morning and early afternoon students came from their classes and cast their votes. The Student Council staffed the polling station and made it simple and fast for students to vote. They used a ballot paper that has the same format that  will be used on  Saturday.  They voted for their preferred candidates, most of them going all the way down to number 12.  The count was conducted by fourth years who are now masters of the intricacies of the single transferable vote.

Well done to all involved for their hard work and dedication.  Some photos below of the day.