A Great Day Out At Explorium

Last Wednesday our TY Group visited the Explorium – National Sport & Science Centre in Sandyford, Dublin. In my opinion it was the best trip yet, and I’m sure some would agree. We started our day off with a long trip up to the picturesque Sandyford. We had to wait at tables before we were ready to start out trip. The worker came and took our bags and coats and we were ready to start. The first room we went to was called the lightening room.

After the lightening room we were free to go to all the activities they had including an anti-gravity room which was crazy fun. Others included a wheelchair maze and a race track along with all sorts of science-y stuff which we all enjoyed. Once we were finished that we went rock climbing which was quite tough but it was really fun. Everyone loved it except Alex who was too scared to jump off. After that we left and we ate our lunches on the bus home.

Callum Murphy TY Press