Transition Year Garden Project

On the 23rd of September 2020, two classes (4A and 4C) from Transition Year went to work on the school garden to make some improvements after a long lockdown! We achieved quite a few things in it that day, a couple of students went to get the paint off the wooden boards with sandpaper and others went to dig up weeds and plant vegetables. The two classes started tending to the garden, because this time around in 4th year we have no trips and usually in 4th year students do fun things every Wednesday, due to the Covid-19 pandemic this isn’t possible. Working in the garden is a nice compromise. We of course still need to put lots of work in to make it look presentable and additional items such as benches and tables may need to be replaced, but we got off to a great start and most of us had fun doing it. 

In the garden, we used gloves, trowels, shovels and we had lots of fun. The classes had to fix up the benches and tables, and pull the stubborn weeds from the ground. This will allow us to start planning to plant new plants. It was lots of fun, but tiring work. We then started to fix the murals on the walls as they were beginning to look quite worn from the weather.

In the last of our efforts, we took a break, while some others kept digging up weeds and painting. It was a nice day out, at the time, the sun blazing throughout the afternoon sky. At the end of the day, a lot had been done, but a lot more was required to be done if we were planning to replant the garden, to make it more energized and less overgrown. The people involved in the garden were 4A and 4C, including the wonderful writers of this report!

Jakub Szoldra, Lorcan McGee and Alex Martin – TY Press

Jakub Szoldra – TY Press
Lorcan McGee – TY Press
Alex Martin – Ty Press