Sixth Year Students of the Month

Our sixth year students, who have had a rocky road in the last year, have settled back in to the world of Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied. Ms Mohan, their Year Head asked all their teachers to nominate students who were outstanding in their work and attitude.

The nominees were:

Leaving Certificate Applied: Conor McCormack, Jamie Doyle Moss, Peter O’Neill, Samad Allison,Hannah Corcoran, Abbie McDade, Justine Power.

Leaving Certificate: Keith Carass, Killian Kinsella, Zaryab Hassan, James Gallagher, Davin Fagan, Ben Palmer, Emmanuel Bankole,Eoghain Montaine Barry, Emily Conway, Jessica Dunne, Jodie O’Reilly, Ceili Smith Dunne, Leah Byrne, Tori Gavagan Doyle, Nadia Seery, Mark Dunne and Hannah Ingram.

The winners were:

Leaving Certificate: Aria Disney and Rokas Galinauskas

Leaving Certificate Applied: Jamie Courtney and Zoe Loftus

Congratulations to all those students. Next month there will be an extra category for Most Improved Student.