Transition Year Celebration Of Exam Results

On Thursday the 1st of October in the afternoon after doing the CAT4 assessments, all the TY classes had a party to celebrate their Junior Cert results. All the classes had pizza and sweets. We also did a quiz. We split up into groups of four and competed against each other in two quizzes. There were ten questions in each quiz, and the scores were added up for both quizzes for the final result. The second round was about the teachers and there were ten facts on the quiz and we had to guess which teacher it was. It was really great fun as we got to talk and sit with our friends and do no work.

The TY Year Head Mr O’Malley and TY tutors Ms Kirwan, Mr McDonnell, Mr Dowling, Mr Lannigan, Ms Clarke and Ms Jones organised the event. They thought it would be good for us as Covid-19 prevented us from going out with our friends on the day we got our results. They were very thoughtful for organising this event for us. It was also because Covid is preventing us from going on trips and was also a substitute for that.

Everyone had a wonderful time and had really great fun. 

Stephen McDonnell, Chloe Behan and Jessica Vickers – TY Press

Stephen McDonnell – TY Press
Chloe Behan – TY Press
Jessica Vickers – TY Press