Do you have what it takes for the Student Council?

The elections for the student council are coming up soon, three students will be elected in each year making a total of 18 students in the council. The student council is where students can have their say on issues that affect them in the school, and where they can put forward ideas on how to improve the school for all students.

Some of the issues the student council brought up in the past have been successful such as the renovation of the toilets and getting students a morning break for all year groups.

This year’s election will be different considering Covid-19. The elections will be held online to ensure social distancing. Every tutor class will nominate two students if possible, one girl and one boy.

Please email Ms Campbell stating the class name and names of nominees before 4pm on Monday 12th October. The student council is organised every year by Ms Campbell and this year’s elections are run by Ms Campbell and Mr Doolin.

Ben Simpson, Lennox Donnan and Ciara Wilson – TY Press

Ciara Wilson – TY Press
Ben Simpson – TY Press
Lennox Donnan – TY Press