Halloween Comes To Collinstown

Over the week, several teachers and students took the time out of their day to decorate the school with Halloween decorations. There are bats and spider webs on the walls and there is a witch stirring a pot outside Ms Kirwan’s office. They made the TY block look all nice and spooky. As it gets closer to Halloween we’re all excited to see if more decorations are going to be put up around the 4th Year block and the rest of the school it gives the students something to get excited about during these tough times!

Ms Kirwan bought bats, pumpkins, lights and a big halloween globe with halloween themed items in it. Ms Kirwan, Ms McDonnell and students from Ms Jones class (4C) spent Tuesday afternoon decorating. It makes the corridors spooky and cheerful for Halloween. The next day the students who had Wednesday at home came back to a Halloween themed TY block. We all can’t wait to see what Ms.Kirwan has up her sleeve for more Halloween fun MUHAHAHA….

We would like to say thank you to Ms Kirwan for all the lovely decorations, it makes our day a little bit easier and it brightens our day.

 Sarah Tracey, Alex Martin and  Jakub Szoldra – TY Press

Jakub Szoldra – TY Press
Alex Martin – TY Press
Sarah Tracey – TY Press