Covid19 – A virus that has impacted the whole world

It started in a place called Wuhan, China. In just a few short months cases rose and more people got infected. The virus has since spread very quickly. Sadly thousands of people have died due to Covid-19 – that number is now over 1 million while 36 million people have been infected to date.

Schools closed down on the 12th of March after a sudden announcement by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. Shops and businesses had to close also during the first lockdown.

Then Taoiseach Leo Veradkar announcing schools would close from Washington

After a few months passed, the government decided to lift some restrictions and started to allow things to open up again during the summer such as restaurants, pubs and cinemas.

When going out you had to take safety precautions such as keeping two metres apart, wearing a mask and keeping to groups of four.

In September the government allowed schools to open again. Kids over the age of 12 had to wear masks, stay one metre apart and not share school supplies. Schools have changed so much due to Covid but try their best to make sure the students still have a good time during this pandemic.

Floor signs near the library ensure staff and students can move safely between classes

After schools opened there was a rise in cases again, and to this day are going up by 500 cases a day with around 4-6 deaths daily. The government saw this change in cases and had a meeting to see if we should go back into stage 5 lockdown. After the meeting, they decided to put Ireland at stage 3 to keep the economy open. A lot of places only allow a few people at a time inside, and some workers refuse to give service to customers who don’t apply to the safety measures put in place by the government, except if they have a medical exemption.

The new government decided to move to Level 3 instead of 5

The virus has had such an awful impact on the world this year, people are starting to question when things will go back to normal like they used to be. Some people are getting very frustrated that their families can’t do their normal holiday season traditions as things can’t open due to Covid-19.

Hopefully, we will see a change in the cases in the next few months into 2021 and hopefully people can enjoy their summer next year by going on holiday and spending time with their families.

For the time being, people should follow the safety measures put in place to keep us and everyone around us safe such as:

Stay two metres apart, WEAR YOUR MASK and only go out if needed.

Wear a Mask!

Chloe Behan & Cameron Farrell – TY Press