Spooooky Pumpkin Carving

On Wednesday 14th of October TY classes LeBron James and Kevin Hart came in and carved pumpkins. Each one of us got our own pumpkin and carved funny and scary faces on them. After we were finished people who didn’t bring their pumpkin home put them up on top of the lockers for show. We enjoyed carving the pumpkins but a lot of people didn’t like the smell of them and the mess. Ms Kirwan and Ms Rooney did a raffle with the classes for a 10 euro Liffey Valley voucher. A lot of people carved star eyes, a big smile as a mouth and also carved their name on the back of it. After we were all done they let us keep the carving sets. It was a very fun morning.

We want to say thank you to the teachers and staff that organised this activity for us. We all had a lot of fun carving the pumpkins with our friends and making Wednesdays fun.

Sarah Tracey, Lennox Donnan and Chloe Behan – TY Press