Happy Retirement Ms Doherty

This Friday the 23rd of October – Ms Doherty will leave Collinstown Park Community College for the last time. 

Ms Doherty’s 38 year long and prosperous career started in 1982 when she first began teaching in county Sligo. Ms Doherty then stayed teaching in Sligo for five years before moving across the Irish Sea to London. Ms Doherty then taught in the English capital for fourteen whole years in 3 different schools before she decided to come home to Ireland and resumed her work in Collinstown Park Community College. This is how we ended up with such a lovely teacher here at CPCC. 

All week Ms Doherty’s students have come to congratulate her on her retirement

She started working in Collinstown on the 23rd of April 2001 to be exact. Ms Doherty didn’t only teach home economics, she spent a great amount of time teaching other subjects too. She also taught CSPE, SPHE, worked with adults, child development and had library classes too. But home economics was her main subject. She did an excellent job teaching all of her subjects over the years. 

We asked a few of Ms Doherty’s colleagues about their experiences of Ms Doherty and here is what they said:

“I have worked with Ms Doherty for a number of years. During her time, we have developed a strong friendship. I am very sad to see her go and I wish her well on her retirement.” – Ms Beatty.

“Ms Doherty, a dedicated, hardworking teacher with a great sense of humour!!” – Ms Friel.

“A one woman Donegal Tourist Board” – Mr Doolin.

“What can I say about Ms Doherty?! She has a brilliant way with words and a unique way of making you feel better about yourself. She is always there to help and will go above and beyond for anyone. I will really miss Ms Doherty not being around the building and also our little rants in the car in mornings! Cherish every moment you’ll spend outside work. It’s time to enjoy your life. Happy retirement!” – Ms Lennon.

We would all like to thank Ms Doherty for teaching at this school for a full 19 years. We wish you all the best in your retirement! Enjoy your extended mornings listening to ‘Donegal Sounds’ while the rest in Collinstown enjoy their extended regs. 

Jakub Szoldra and Ben Simpson – TY Press