Collinstown Staff Haunt Students!!

On the last day of term, the teachers and staff decided to haunt the students of Collinstown even more than usual. The ghoulish members of staff wore creative and old fashioned costumes that utilised the classic ‘black plastic bag’.

Some students when asked were unaware as to the costumes being worn at all – with one anonymous student saying – “Ms Scully scares me every day so today was no different!”.

Well done to the best dressed teachers as decided by TY Students.

1st Place – Ms Jones

2nd Place – Ms McNamee

3rd Place – Ms Strumble


Traffic Chaos With Garda Checkpoints On Roads

On October 22nd until December 1st, the new level 5 restrictions have been put into place, including new travel restrictions. This means that there will be a lot more traffic checkpoints enforced by An Garda Síochána, including big fines if you are somewhere you are not supposed to be.

There are new fines being put in place for people that have been caught ignoring the restrictions. Due to the 5km travel limit, if you are caught breaching the lockdown rules there will be a 500 euro fine handed to you on the spot, or a 60 euro fine on your first offence.

You are only allowed to make essential journeys, such as:

  • Travel to and from work
  • To attend doctor appointments, or to collect prescriptions
  • Food shopping
  • Child care purposes
  • To check an elderly relative

At any time there will be over 2,500 gardai out on the roads doing hundreds of checkpoints on main and secondary roads. They are also introducing new motorway checkpoints to hundreds of different locations.

However, many people are not happy about the amount of checkpoints, due to there being so many, especially on motorways. It is a nuisance for people trying to get to work on time or get kids to school on time. The checkpoints are causing a lot of traffic, bumper to bumper on some roads as Gardaí question drivers on their whereabouts.

The Gardaí have said they need to be stricter to ensure people will follow these rules so we will be able to visit people at Christmas and finally eliminate this virus once and for all.

Sophie Jenkins – TY Press