Mobile Data

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Biden To Win Historic Election

The US Elections are coming to a close in what is likely the most controversial and unprecedented times in the country’s history.

Trump VS Biden is one of the most spoken about elections in the history of America. Joe Biden is currently on top with 264 electoral college votes with Trump at 214, 270 votes are needed to win the White House. Joe Biden is currently “winning” most of the country over and is slowly on his way to moving into the White House, while Trump is getting ready to pack his bags.

However, a threat of legal action in the Supreme Court could lead to political and social unrest until inauguration day.

This election is the first ever election to use mail-in ballots for non-military citizens. Democrats say this is to help those who can’t get out and vote. This has been one of the main reasons for such a big turnout this year, the biggest turnout in 120 years for America.

Joe Biden was Vice-President in the Obama administration for eight years, elected in 2008 all the way through to 2016 and has been in politics for 47 years but only now running for President in 2020. With 73,488,248 of the people’s votes to his name so far he is leading the race.

Trump is 74 and Biden is 77, this will make Biden the oldest US president in history.

Ben Simpson and Jakub Szoldra – TY Press