Typhoon Vamco Hits the Philippines

Typhoon Vamco made landfall on the Philippines capital Manila on Wednesday night following into Thursday morning, damaging homes, knocking over trees and upending satellite towers and street lights.

The typhoon was the equivalent to a category 3 hurricane. Thick mud and debris coated over 180,000 homes, flooding several villages and 350,000 people had to be evacuated from buildings.

The typhoon hit just after the country was hit by typhoon Goni, one of the world’s strongest typhoons this year.

The typhoon has killed 39 people, and military forces are in areas where the waters remain high, still searching for 32 others.

More than 35,000 police officers were sent out to areas all across the country, officers reported that this was the most difficult task they have had to do in their whole career. With the pandemic going on worldwide, and thousands of cases daily, rescue teams had to be extra careful.

At least four million homes across the country lost all power, but power was expected to return in about four days.

The Philippines is hit by about 20 typhoons and tropical storms each year, and also has several active seismic faults and volcanoes, making it one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries.

People woke up to high water outside and flooding in their house, which sent them up to the roof of their homes to seek high ground.

Sophie Jenkins – TY Press

Sophie Jenkins TY Press