Sixth Year LCA Academic Awards

Congratulations to Samad Allison and Abbey Brennan who won Academic Achievement awards on Wednesday 11th November as the 6th year LCA students received their Session Two results.

A number of students received high scores including Hannah Corcoran, Courtney Manly, Jamie Courtney, Abbey McDade and Cian Knowles.
Well done to all the students who have worked very hard and showed great commitment, even during the lockdown.


The Imitation Game – Film Review

Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Allen leech and Mark Strong.

Director: Morten Tyldum – Morten Tyldum is a Norwegian film Director. He is 53 born on May 19th 1967. He had his feature film debut with ‘Buddy’ (2003) a film that won popular reviews and critical acclaim.

Synopsis: A British mathematician called Alan Turing joins a cryptography team to help crack the German ‘Enigma’ code. Turing believes only a machine can defeat another machine so he builds one to not only speed up the process but to solve the enigma code altogether. He realizes he needs new teammates and to find these new teammates he puts a crossword puzzle in the newspaper that only a few could solve. After finding his teammates they move fast as the Germans change the code every day.

Film making: In the movie the costume choice was very accurate as it was set in 1951 and throughout the early 1940s. Men wore suits with suspenders – army men wore their uniform; women mostly wore dresses every day. In the movie there were no bright colours only very muted tones as it was set during WW2. Clothing choice is very important, not only does it help the movie it also helps the actors get into character. This was a strength of the film.

Review: When watching the movie, I thought the acting was very impressive and the costume gave you glimpse into what it was like to live during the war. The main strength of this movie was the acting of Cumberbatch who effectively portrayed a person with autism and the struggles they face with social interaction. It’s definitely worth watching and I give the film a 4/5 rating.

*The Imitation Game is currently available on Netflix Ireland

Chloe Behan – TY Press

Chloe Behan – TY Press