Careers 4 Girls in Technology


It is great to see all of our students advancing into the world of work and careers. And as we know, technology, IT and digital skills are continually rising in prominence on the world stage, just as in Ireland for all who are interested, motivated and willing to take the IT challenge!

On November 4th, via TEAMS, a number of senior female students participated in the Careers 4 Girls in Technology Event. Co-ordinated by Ms Hogan in IT and the Data Centre Academy, and Ms Daly in Career Guidance and Development, the girls engaged with other teens and techs throughout the live event. This IT 2-hour virtual event was partnered in collaboration with Southside Virginia Community College in the US and Microsoft and is just the beginning of an emerging connection between selected schools in Dublin, Kildare and the US, Collinstown Park Community College being one. For these girls, this is just step 1 on the road to digital success.

Click here for the opening address given by Kelly Arnold, the programme manager in Micosoft.