Student Council Results 2020/2021

The current strange situation we find ourselves in may have affected many facets of life in Collinstown Park but the right to vote has not been affected.

On the 12th of October four people out of every class were nominated for the Student Council. Their names were put forward for an unusual and historic election.

The voting started on Wednesday the 21st of October and ended 5pm on Friday 23rd.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the election took place online. Unfortunately, this meant that we had to operate a simple first-past-the-post system, instead of the proportional representation single-transferable-vote system which the school usually uses. 

There were some good things about this system, it was easier and faster rather than setting up polling stations, and the votes online were counted automatically. However, the turnout was much lower than normal (50% compared to around 85% in previous years), which is disappointing but perhaps an accurate picture of the usual turnout at general or local election time.

Our school community is currently dealing with a lot of changes due to Covid-19 and I’m sure the students elected will do a fantastic job in representing the student voice as we deal with the challenges that face us over the next few months. We look forward to a return to normality, and a more traditional Student Council election day, hopefully next year. 

Congratulations to all of the new student council members for their election, we hope to see the continuation of improvements that have taken place over the last few years this year.

The official results of the election are provided below. The head of the student council will be elected once the first meeting takes place. Thank you to Ms Campbell who continues her excellent work overseeing the student council in the school.

1st Year Turnout = 79/122 = 65% 
Sean Core 1F 
Alex Bissett  1S 
Grace Clynes 1C 
2nd Year Turnout = 51/104 = 49% 
Joseph Scullion  2E 
Kayla Brogan 2T 
Joshua Apps  2B
3rd Year Turnout = 40/93 = 43% 
Morgan Callaghan  3E 
Matthew Collins Kearns  3A
Eoin Keating  3E
4th Year Turnout = 39/99 = 39% 
Kane Casey  4C 
Cayla Hollywood  4A
Emma Smith 4E
5th Year Turnout = 43/84 = 51% 
Ross Dillon 5A 
Nathan O’Farrell  8A
Emma Nangle  5C 
6th Year Turnout = 42/83 = 51%
Nathan Duffy 6C 
Kyle Grant 6A 
Abbey Brennan 9B

Overall turnout: 294/585= 50%

Jordan Hinchon, Ciara Wilson and Cameron Farrell – TY Press