Dublin Zoo Faces Mammoth Difficulties

Dublin Zoo is currently closed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The zoo has said they need over €500,000 for the zoo animals’ food costs. They will have to permanently close if they do not receive emergency funding. The lack of visitors to the zoo has dried up all revenue streams leaving it in a precarious position.

During the week a campaign was launched in the media and on online platforms. The campaign raised over €1.1 million in donations over the course of two days!

The facility, which opened in 1830, is closed to the public during the pandemic, but must still meet the cost of feeding and upkeep of the animals, which runs to about €500,000 a month. It announced the launch Monday for #SaveDublinZoo appealing to the public and to the government.

Helen Clark-Bennet head of the African Plains section of the zoo says that the loss in  revenue streams from gate receipts and on site sales has amounted to €8.2m due to the pandemic.

Following the appeal, over €2 million in donations were raised for Dublin Zoo and the government has now stepped in. Ministers Darragh O’Brien and Malcolm Noonan welcomed the €1.6 million in funding, which was secured last night to help secure the immediate future of Ireland’s zoos.

Lennox Donnan – TY Press

Lennox Donnan – TY Press