A Student’s Perspective of Online Learning

Since schools have closed again due to lockdown, teachers have continued their teaching online. It’s a stressful time for teachers and students but schools will remain closed until further notice, we do most of our classes on teams and the classes we don’t do on teams we send work through Edmodo.

Mr Higgins teaching his third year PE students

Even though it is very different from actually going to school our timetable is the same. Classes start at 8:55 and will last between 30 to 40 minutes. You must have your camera on and appropriate clothing and message your tutor, teacher or year head if you have any difficulties.

Mr Flood teaching fifth year Engineering

I find online learning a little more difficult than actually being in the classroom. Then on other occasions I find it easier, for example you have time to do assignments and other work without it piling up.

Ms McHugh teaching her sixth years

Online learning can be different for everyone, sometimes it’s hard to find a quiet place to learn and you would just rather be in school. Some people might like online learning because you are at home and find it less stressful. Remember you can message your tutor or year head if you are having a hard time with online work.

Chloe Behan – TY Press


TY Workshop With Architects

Transition year students from class 4E started a 6-week workshop with ‘Architects in schools’ with Architect Richard Arnold. We were awarded this workshop through the Irish Architecture Foundation ahead of many other schools in the country.

We originally had planned to have the workshop in the Art room but unfortunately, we had to move to online. We are 2 weeks in and the students are enjoying thinking about the buildings around them and sketching their ideas. We would like to thank Richard and the ‘Architects in schools’ programme for choosing Collinstown Park Community College and hopefully we will see them back next year.

Thanks to Ms Strumble for the report and the pictures.


Guidance and Counselling Dept

The Guidance and Counselling Department Guidelines for engaging with counselling support while working remotely.

It’s important to remember that we can still provide support for our students while working remotely.

· If our students have previously been engaged in counselling support they will be contacted by the counsellor, they previously attended.

· If a student is in need of support they can self- refer by contacting the guidance department by sending an email to the counsellor assigned to their year group.

· A parent/guardian may refer their son/daughter by contacting the year head via email.

· A parent/guardian will be contacted by a member of the guidance department (by phone or email) if parental consent is required. As calls will come through on private numbers and parents may not pick up from these unknown numbers a text may be sent to parents from the school to inform them that a member of Collinstown staff will be contacting them via a private number.

· Students may receive counselling support by either phone or online (face to face). Parental consent will be sought for this. The counsellor will explain the requirements for working remotely and the limitations.

Roles and Responsibilities within The Guidance Department (Jan 2021)

First Year – Ms Kathleen Kinsella / Ms Ciara Moran

Second Year – Ms Ciara Moran

Third Year – Ms Densie Waters

Transition Year – Ms Denise Waters

Fifth Year – Ms Ciara Moran

Sixth Year – Ms Denise Waters/Ms Alison Daly

Vocational Guidance – Ms Alison Daly

· Ms Kinsella provides triage and is the initial contact for first years being referred. Ms Kinsella will refer first years on to Ms Moran if required. Ms Kinsella will continue providing support to some student from other years.

· Ms Moran will provide NBSS support and counselling support all day Monday and Thursday and Friday mornings.

· Ms Waters will provide counselling support on Monday and Tuesday, all day.

· Ms Daly will provide vocational guidance to all and counselling support for some students she previously worked with.


Free access to online books

Students and Parents can get free online access to primary school and secondary school textbooks.

For more information, simply follow the links below:

For books by CJ Fallon click https://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-resources

For books by EDCO click https://www.edco.ie/

For books by Folens click https://www.folens.ie/news-and-events/parents-teachers-get-access-to-all-our-digital-teaching-materials

For Primary Books by Gill Education click https://www.gilleducation.ie/primary

For Secondary Books by Gill Education click https://www.gilleducation.ie/secondary