An Easter message from the Principal

This time last year, the entire country was in lockdown. Little did we know what was ahead of us. People hoped that the lockdown would only last for a few weeks. Students and teachers across the country believed they would return to school after Easter. That wasn’t to be and it was September before schools re-opened.

We hope that after Easter this year, we will be able to welcome back the remaining year groups to join our fifth and sixth year students. In the meantime, I wish everyone in our school community a very happy and safe Easter.

Pauline Duffy



My Girl (1991) – Film Review

My Girl (1991)

The film My Girl which was released in 1991 is a genuine classic. It was directed by Howard Zieff. The main actors are Anna Chulmsky, Macaulay Culkin,Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykrod.

Vada Sultenfuss who is played by Anna Chulmsky is an 11year old girl whose father is a widowed funeral director. Her mother died when she was a baby so he is a single parent. Harry begins dating Shelly, she is a makeup artist and works with him beautifying the bodies of dead people. Vada isn’t fond of their relationship and attempts to ruin it. 

Vada and best friend Thomas get up to adventures during the summer months and spend a lot of time hanging out with each other. Their humorous friendship is a very important aspect of the film and shows the importance of friends for young people. 

‘My Girl’ is a film you and your family can sit together and watch. It has a lot of topics like single parenthood, death and losing a close loved one. It is one of those coming of age movies you could watch again and again and never get tired of. It is a very heartwarming movie that will suddenly have you in tears.

I would recommend this movie because it has romance, heartbreak and deals with phobias and in a mature way. It’s a movie anyone can watch, young or old.

My Rating: 5/5

Chloe Behan – TY Press

Chloe Behan – TY Press


Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Applied candidate Entry Portal opens

This year all students doing Leaving Certificate in sixth year MUST enter for their exams through the Student Portal which opened today 10th March at 12 noon. It will remain open until 6:00 pm on Tuesday 16th March. After that no student can apply to do the Leaving Certificate.

When the student has set up their account he or she needs to click on the link and follow the instructions depending on whether they are doing the Leaving Certificate Applied or Leaving Certificate.

For a brief summary of the information and important dates click here

For detailed instructions in using the portal click here

To see a short information video click here

The State Examination Commission has issued an updated video (Friday 12th March 15:45) on using the Portal. click here to view it

If you have any questions about the process or need to access information please contact your Year Head Ms Mohan or Mr Doolin the Exam Secretary.


Ireland Vaccine Rollout

As the pandemic continues to rumble on slowly it is becoming more and more apparent that the way out of it all is through the vaccine. In Ireland the government has faced criticism for their slow rollout. A lack of supply has been blamed but we are behind lots of other European countries. 

People are currently getting vaccinated against COVID-19 though. At the moment the main focus is to give the vaccine to those aged 65 years and older who live in long-term care facilities, frontline healthcare workers and those aged 85 and older living in the community first. The total of vaccines given so far are 446,474 they are now vaccinating at hospitals and community services sites around the country,and at special clinics for GPs and their practice staff. 

There are 3 COVID-19 vaccines licensed for use in Ireland; they are Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, Moderna vaccine and AstraZeneca vaccine. It is not mandatory but it is recommended you get your vaccine when it is offered to you, the vaccination will be offered to the next group soon as possible. That group is people aged 16 to 69 who are at very high risk of COVID-19. 

Chloe Behan – TY Press

Chloe Behan – TY Press


Inspirational writing

Every so often as teachers we are bowled over by a piece of student work. Ms Tobin’s third year English students were asked to write a poem about facing a challenge. This is one of several excellent submissions:

Pandora’s box. 
The gods had crafted her from clay, 
Using the fire of Prometheus to bring her to life. 
She was betrothed to Epimetheus whom she swore not to betray, 
She promised to be the perfect wife. 
See Zeus hated both Epimetheus and Prometheus due to their kind hearted nature,
But he knew he could use Epimetheus and his love for Pandora.
Their love had put her and the world in danger, 
Zeus had a much bigger plan than to give them flora.
Pandora’s vice was simply her curiosity, 
It tended to get the better of her most times. 
The gift was given with hidden animosity, 
The simple box if opened would cause major crimes. 
Pandora along with her curiosity lacked self control, 
She opened the box as the gods had planned. 
The moment the lid opened she had doomed hers and many others souls, 
Fear,death and worries came pouring out of the box on command. 
Like the box we all struggle with containing our emotions, 
But deep down a sprinkle of hope lies, 
Whether or not we struggle with loneliness or self loathing, 
Just like Pandora we continue to try. 

Leah Kerr Kavanagh