My Girl (1991) – Film Review

My Girl (1991)

The film My Girl which was released in 1991 is a genuine classic. It was directed by Howard Zieff. The main actors are Anna Chulmsky, Macaulay Culkin,Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykrod.

Vada Sultenfuss who is played by Anna Chulmsky is an 11year old girl whose father is a widowed funeral director. Her mother died when she was a baby so he is a single parent. Harry begins dating Shelly, she is a makeup artist and works with him beautifying the bodies of dead people. Vada isn’t fond of their relationship and attempts to ruin it. 

Vada and best friend Thomas get up to adventures during the summer months and spend a lot of time hanging out with each other. Their humorous friendship is a very important aspect of the film and shows the importance of friends for young people. 

‘My Girl’ is a film you and your family can sit together and watch. It has a lot of topics like single parenthood, death and losing a close loved one. It is one of those coming of age movies you could watch again and again and never get tired of. It is a very heartwarming movie that will suddenly have you in tears.

I would recommend this movie because it has romance, heartbreak and deals with phobias and in a mature way. It’s a movie anyone can watch, young or old.

My Rating: 5/5

Chloe Behan – TY Press

Chloe Behan – TY Press