Sixth Year Graduation

Congratulations to all of our sixth year students who graduated on the 14th May.  Due to Covid-19 regulations, we could not have our usual celebration but we spent a lovely morning marking the end of six very successful years in the school.

This year’s graduates have been exemplary students and have shown great determination and resilience in the face of very difficult circumstances in both 5th and 6th year.

Ms Kinsella, our Chaplain, started the morning for each group with a reflection. The graduation ceremony featured excellent speeches from the students themselves – Alannah Dalton, Courtney Manly, Abbey Brennan, Jamie Courtney, Kyle Grant and Luke Malone.  Their tutors; Mr Higgins, Ms Tobin, Ms Campbell and Ms Rooney, all spoke fondly of their classes and how much they were going to miss them.  After Ms Duffy and Ms Mohan congratulated the students on their achievements and wished them well in all their future endeavours, Mr Higgins showed a tear-jerking montage of photos, dating all the way back to first year.  Other highlights included a song which Ms Kinsella and Ms McHugh had written for the students and the announcements of the subject award winners.

The coveted student awards were announced later in the day and the winners were:

Male LC Student – Rokas Galinauskas

Female LC Student – Leah Byrne

Male LCA Student – Samad Allison

Female LCA Student – Hannah Corcoran

School Ambassador – Nathan Duffy

We want to wish our students all the best in their future plans.  They have made a huge contribution to the school and will be greatly missed.