Pathways to Technology Careers for Women

An event was held on June 3rd as part of this exciting new program

This was an outreach event to encourage females to consider career pathways in the IT industry. Many women in Ireland have never considered careers in IT. According to latest figures from the Central Statistics Office, less than 25% of STEM jobs in Ireland are filled by women. Less than half (46%) of those in employment were female in 2019. The vast majority (90.9%) of workers in Skilled Trades were male while most workers (79.3%) in Caring, Leisure and Other Services were female.

Educators, trainers and businesses are handling this by incentivising women to enter the IT industry and show and grow their talent to help drive real change. From SMEs to Big Tech, companies like Microsoft champion the growth of Women in Technology with real opportunities for optimum change. In Ireland, we have the talent, abilities and competences and we equally hold the educational means of shaping them. Plus we have the data presence! “The Dublin Metro Area is Europe’s largest data centre market. With 60 years experience supporting the ICT industry, Ireland today is a development centre of excellence for data hosting.” [Host in Ireland]

COVID-19 has further heightened the need for IT skilled workers and as demand for remote working and learning grows, growth in IT will follow. As many individuals struggle with job loss, providing short-term training programs can offset the unemployment gap and restore dislocated workers with jobs of the future.

The panelists will discuss their current positions and how they embarked on their career pathways and obstacles they overcame along the way. They will also outline the opportunities for females entering into the IT industry and show how to take that first step on Pathways to Technology Careers.

Sponsored by Microsoft and Collinstown Park Community College, Datacenter Academy.

Link to flyer for the event